Thursday, February 2, 2012

Welcome to Labor of Love Revolution

Thank you for stopping by the site!

This is an ever-evolving project based on a global-wide wake-up call for change. We, the founders of the site, envision this as a hosting ground for future ideas and collaboration. We hope to share with you some of the sources of inspiration we've received from others, as well as some of our own insight. We are also very much interested in any advice or input you are willing to give us on our journey.

This blog will document the personal journey of Kyle and me, as we experience first-hand an exciting new spiritual quest. We have decided to test the waters of a life based on the pursuit of happiness. We are abandoning the matrix of reality which measures prosperity based on profits.

We are feeling a real inversion, a turning upside down, as we willingly walk away from our jobs and mortgage in order to better serve others. Making money in the pursuit of happiness resulted in a big collection of possessions that we are now trying to free ourselves from. We are stripping away all our unnecessary goods into just the bare essentials. I've heard, "The things you own begin to own you". You really understand what that means when you're trying to get rid of it all before leaving town.

In the process of shedding our skin, we have been able to give many gifts to others. Some of our books, clothes, or DVDs were at one time great gifts from our loved ones, and it feels good to pass these things onto others to enjoy. We are grateful to participate in these mutually beneficial exchanges, and we look forward to many more of these in the future!

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