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Full-time explorers on a quest to heal Mother Earth and her inhabitants through work exchange projects, sacred geometry, finding inner peace, and writing.

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Labor of Love Revolution

This is a movement that promotes labor focused on love instead of profit. With the global economy on the brink of collapse, the ever-increasing global poverty rates, and a small elite group exploiting the planet and its people for the benefit of making themselves richer- it's time we the people of the world come together and implement grassroots solutions while there's still time.

Most large retailers nowadays focus so much on maximizing profit, that they completely disregard human rights and the environment. We see this in horrendous factory conditions in forced slave labor camps in China, but also includes workers in the United States. Employers demand higher productivity at lower wages, and shareholders expect ever-increasing profits.

We here at Labor of Love are asking for your awareness. We request that, at the very least, you act consciously by boycotting companies who exploit their workers and planet Earth. We ask that you demand an end to unjust working conditions by purchasing goods that are produced ethically.

It's time the entire world strives for a better existence. Each individual has amazing potential to make a huge difference in the world. Imagine if all individuals of the world stood in solidarity with one another, and created new systems that worked for everyone. The world would finally find peace!

The founders of this website have chosen a different path for themselves. We have decided to pursue an opportunity that relies less heavily on the exploitative profit-driven system. We feel it is our moral responsibility to answer to the call of Gaia, the spirit of Mother Earth, and prove to the world that people can be incentivized to work out of love and not money.

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