Saturday, April 7, 2012


Shortly after our wedding, we decided to re-evaluate our original plans to head to the West Coast. We weren’t able to find a host who was able to accommodate a couple and their dog, and there was no way we would be able to leave our Buddy behind. We decided to take a break from trying to force a plan to work, when obviously the Universe was telling us to do something different.

However, things definitely didn’t slow down after we got married! We have felt a renewed sense of energy, and we decided to direct it to working as activists and social entrepreneurs in St. Louis for the time being. It’s hard to sum up all the work we’ve been up to, but I’ll try my best! My hope is that my readers will feel inspired to do something that will spark a big change in their personal Universe.

The following pictures show before & after pictures of a plot we picked out on Gravois Avenue near Grand that gets a lot of street and foot traffic, and a WHOLE lot of litter with negative energy attached. I scouted this place out, as well as the rest of the street, one day while driving, and decided it needed some good vibrations. In addition to cleaning up litter, we tilled up some land, planted grape hyacinths, and built a community of guerrilla gardeners. This is the Labor of Love at its fullest!

Before screenshot from Google Maps in 2009, litter was everywhere for YEARS!

Robert and Kyle (and an orb) making the land pretty!

Here's Johnathan and Robert, tilling up the land! 

Little guerrillas! Kids love playing in dirt!

Current plot!

#OperationBeautifySTL litter pick-up day, our third visit to Gravois!

Kyle being cute, Dylan in the background sweeping! 

Sad before in someone's lawn

After beauty!

Thumbs up!

Yucky trash...

Beautiful Gravois after pic!

Our new friend Sylvia joined us!

We met a beautiful woman named Sylvia who saw us picking up trash from her front porch. She was so inspired by our clean-up crew, she had to join in on the fun! She grabbed a trash bag and we showed her how it's done! After we were done with our clean-up, Sylvia invited Kyle and me into her house to wash our hands and have some water. It was a beautiful experience of community building, and I hope to stay in touch with Ms. Sylvia.

Last week, I joined the Northside Garden Club, a brand new food project that will involve communities in North St. Louis and the surrounding areas. More on that soon!


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