Thursday, February 9, 2012


Here's an idea for you to ponder: Yard-Sharing!

Kyle had this brilliant idea for a non-monetary exchange program we're calling yard-sharing. Homeowners would allow campers to stay in a tent on their lawn in exchange for some favor from the camper. The camper could cook dinner, sweep & mop, run errands, help build a garden, or whichever task was suited for the camper.
In return, the homeowner would allow the camper access to restrooms/showers and a meal. There are unlimited possibilities for the arrangement between parties, but these are just some of the ideas we've come up with for yard-sharing.

Yard-sharing draws its inspiration from other work exchange programs such as WWOOF, WorkAway, and the Hour Exchange. This program mirrors the others by exchanging favors instead of money. We believe communities have a lot of untapped potential. The problem is that we have become so conditioned by money that we almost forgot we could help each other in other ways. Yard-sharing is another effort to help match individuals who can help each other in simple ways while avoiding money. Since both parties are giving something willingly, and both parties are receiving something helpful for them, yard-sharing is a win-win. It raises the overall utility of the community for free!

The tent has become a symbol for protest. Occupy Wall St and similar global protests showed that sleeping in a tent can be very disruptive to the established power. Camping in a tent reflects freedom from feeling stuck in one place. As a symbol for protest, occupying in a tent shows that your purpose is more important than your comfort. Yard-sharing matches those in need of a temporary residence with those willing to offer space at their permanent residence.

To our readers out there: is this idea feasible? If you are a home-owner, would you consider hosting two workers like Kerry and Kyle (and Buddy!) in return for lending a portion of your yard? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section!

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