Sunday, February 5, 2012

Our Skills & Goals

Kyle and I wanted to write a little about our background, interests and goals for people who are interested in hosting us for work exchange projects. We are very much interested in networking with a broad range of folks; we feel everyone has something to teach us! We believe that we have a great amount to contribute, and we hope to exceed your expectations!

We are looking at exploring the West Coast of the United States.

Cob Home

Earth Oven
Our Interests:
Here is a list of some skills we would like to learn!
  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Building:
    • Cob Homes
    • Cob Ovens
    • Garden Beds
    • Any additional carpentry skills you are able to teach us
  • Sustainability
    • Solar Panels
    • Off-the-grid living
  • Coalitions
    • Networking with people who can help us grow
    • Intentional communities
    • Volunteer-based economy
Our Skills:
We consider ourselves creative, artistic, and philosophical thinkers. We love long conversations and can work as gurus or shamans. Meditation and Yoga are daily exercises that also work great in groups.

A summary of some of our skills:
  • Cooking delicious vegetarian food-Kyle and I are vegetarians, and we are self-taught chefs in the kitchen. We love cooking healthy meals from scratch!
  • Beverage making
    • Coffee, Tea, Green drinks, & Fruit smoothies
  • Being creative
    • Painting, Sacred Geometry, Planning
  • Communicating efficiently
  • Dancing and hula hooping
  • Assisting adults who have neurological disorders
  • A great interest and some knowledge on natural beauty products
  • And much more!
Feel free to email us anytime!

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